Top 5 Ways To RUIN Your Kyoto Knife

The Top 5 Ways to RUIN Your Kyoto Knife



1. Can you use an electric sharpener?


You could use an electric sharpener, but we would never do that to this knife. This is fine Damascus steel! Use a whetstone or get it professionally sharpened and save the electric sharpener for the $20 knives.

2. Can I put the knife in the dishwasher?

NO - Dishwashers and knives DO NOT MIX. Not only will it make your steel rust from the dishwasher’s hot and humid environment but it destroys the edge. Also the detergent contains abrasives and will dull the knife. 

You should only hand wash and hand dry the knife.


3. Can I use a plastic cutting board?


Cut on a good quality end-grain board. If you are cutting on plastic or cheap boards, the knife’s edge will get destroyed.


4. Can I use it to cut bone?


We do not suggest to use the chef knives to cut bone. It may chip the blade. You would need a meat cleaver.


5. I found a defect, scratch or problem with my knife. Should I get angry?

We stand behind our customers. Our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We strive to ensure nothing less than absolute satisfaction and beyond. 

We are not an ordinary company. I assure you your trust in us was not misplaced. We positively stand behind every single one of our knives and our customers. Anything less than a 5-star experience is a failure on our part.

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