Weekly Kyoto Newsletter

Chef Tip: Make the Perfect Hamburger Patty

Throw the patty against your cutting board to prevent air bubbles. Next press a dimple about (1/2 the size of the patty) in the middle to keep the patty from puffing up too much.


Pic/Video of the Week

No explanation needed. Just a picture you can stare and almost taste the meat.

Person of the Week -  Chef José Andrés

Chef with a Heart.

Below is a link to a great NY Times article about his dedication in helping feed Puerto Rico after the hurricane.

Under the banner of his nonprofit group, World Central Kitchen, his crew of chefs, cooking students, pastors, food-truck drivers and hundreds of volunteers has served, as of Tuesday, close to two million meals and handmade sandwiches. Staff members keeping records of the project say people in all of Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities have eaten Mr. Andrés’s food. His Twitter feed became a steady source of news and commentary on the state of the island’s recovery.

Link to Article