Our Story

This is how one man’s search for the knife of his dreams became a success story. Frank wanted a quality knife. He would shop for a knife, buy it, and end up disappointed. He repeated that process over and over again. He wondered how it was possible that something that was relatively simple–a long-lasting, high-quality cutting instrument-was so hard to find. Whatever he tried seemed to fall short of the mark. The knives he tried dulled easily or bent out of shape. Some were just so unbalanced and unpleasant to use. Some even came apart. In one way or another, the knives were simply unsatisfactory.

A good knife, one he could work with, and count on to be there for the long run, that’s all Frank wanted. His heart’s desire was a useful, long-lasting tool, something that enhanced his passion for being in the kitchen, enjoying the culinary arts. Frank got to thinking that he’d created quality products in the past. As a matter of fact, he’d enjoyed considerable success in various businesses. He loved the challenge. He couldn’t possibly be the only one disappointed in the knives in the current marketplace. Why not combine his pursuit of an excellent knife with his business skills and produce a great knife himself?

And that’s how the story of Kyoto Knives begins. It was more than a business venture; it was an amazing adventure. It took him all over the world. Frank began, of course, by studying and then sourcing. He commenced with making decisions about the blade. What kind of metal should be used? After months of searching, he found the right characteristics in a very evolved type of steel. Now he knew what the blade was to be made of so he sought and hit upon the material that would make a handle with perfect strength and feel. To put it all together required the deft human touch, the foremost master craftsmen, artisans famous for generations as creators of the finest cutlery in the world. That part of the hunt took Frank to Japan, where he was able to make it all happen, the manifestation of his dream knife.

We now present to you a knife that’s a legacy, a fine instrument that will last a long time, something with heirloom qualities that can be proudly passed down to future generations. Certainly, our knives are not cheap; we know that. But we’re committed to quality and to you, our customers. We are not only interested in fashioning fine knives, we also want to create trust and loyalty. Besides promising you quality knives that are a joy to use, we back our products with a Lifetime Warranty. You can see that we stand behind our products. We’re committed to growing the business one happy customer at a time and being here for future generations of creative cooks. We cordially invite you to join our flourishing family – the satisfied owners of Kyoto Knives.

Our Story

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What People Say

By far one of the most beautiful knives in my collection.

By far one of the most beautiful knives in my collection. Blade and Balance are amassing along with superior performance in the kitchen. I have had this knife now for three days. I have butchered 150# of Whole chickens, 200# of beef tenderloin, 100# of French Lamb Chops, endless Vegetable Prep, and countless Whole Salmon. This Knife was just amazing. When you first receive this knife you are somewhat nervous to get it dirty because it is just that beautiful but when you do get it dirty you just cant see it not being used on a daily basis. By far this has just became my go to knife. I am going to retire my 9.5" Classic Henckel. Thank you Kyoto for developing such a masterpiece. The longer I use this knife the more I will follow up with its performance.

I love like this knife

I've had the knife for a couple weeks now and have been quite impressed! Knife comes nicely packaged with a saya to safely protect the edge. Straight out of the box the knife was razor sharp, well balanced and the handle felt very comfortable. After a couple weeks of general mise en place use the blade has held up considerably well without any sharpening. Definitely an awesome purchase!

The Best Knife I've ever had!

I am very happy with the knife.  I don’t do a lot of cooking, but I do appreciate a nice sharp nice when I am doing prep work.  The knife is well balanced and I like the feel of the handle. 

Great Knife

Awesome knife. I have own a whole lot more expensive knives than this one is awesome for chopping and cutting very easy. I'm not a professional but when you're at home doing your own chopping and cutting you want something that handles well. The weight is good and it just makes the food prep easier. Thank you