Special Features of the the Kyoto Knives theme

The Kyoto Admin Menu

Various exclusive theme settings can be configured from the theme Admin Menu. When logged in to the site as an 'admin' a button to find the admin panel can be found at the bottom of the page

Clicking the button will prompt you for a Key and a Password. These can be found at "Apps" -> "Private Apps" or at https://kyoto-knives.myshopify.com/admin/apps/private

Once logged in, settings relevant to the current page, product or blog post can be configured. As well as the global site settings

In the menu clicking on a header, for example 'Quote1', allows you to view and edit all settings relevant to the first Quote.

Due to API limitations editing more then 50 settings per minute might results in a failure of saving the settings!

Opening the Admin Menu on the product page will give you access to various options relevant to the product. The Admin Menu can also be used from the 'preview' versions of unpublished pages/products.

Working with Images

Images in the Admin Panel can currently only be referenced by using their 'asset name'

In the Shopify Admin Panel, Navigate to:
"Online Store" -> "..." -> Edit HTML/CSS

Expand the section named "Assets"

Here you can upload new images by clicking "Add a new Asset", or browse existing ones

About Blog Posts

Blog's front-page styling can be configured through adding the tag 'small' or 'large' to post. 'large' are used for tall (vertical), display. And 'small' is used for the short (horizontal) display mode.

This allows for a large amount of control, and variation in possible display formats (Including some configurations which won't look as great)

An example configuration is
"large", "small", "small"

If available, the blog excerpt is used as the subtitle for blog post

About Products

The first image of a product is used for display in search, cart or product lists, and not displayed on the product page,

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What People Say

By far one of the most beautiful knives in my collection.

By far one of the most beautiful knives in my collection. Blade and Balance are amassing along with superior performance in the kitchen. I have had this knife now for three days. I have butchered 150# of Whole chickens, 200# of beef tenderloin, 100# of French Lamb Chops, endless Vegetable Prep, and countless Whole Salmon. This Knife was just amazing. When you first receive this knife you are somewhat nervous to get it dirty because it is just that beautiful but when you do get it dirty you just cant see it not being used on a daily basis. By far this has just became my go to knife. I am going to retire my 9.5" Classic Henckel. Thank you Kyoto for developing such a masterpiece. The longer I use this knife the more I will follow up with its performance.

I love like this knife

I've had the knife for a couple weeks now and have been quite impressed! Knife comes nicely packaged with a saya to safely protect the edge. Straight out of the box the knife was razor sharp, well balanced and the handle felt very comfortable. After a couple weeks of general mise en place use the blade has held up considerably well without any sharpening. Definitely an awesome purchase!

The Best Knife I've ever had!

I am very happy with the knife.  I don’t do a lot of cooking, but I do appreciate a nice sharp nice when I am doing prep work.  The knife is well balanced and I like the feel of the handle. 

Great Knife

Awesome knife. I have own a whole lot more expensive knives than this one is awesome for chopping and cutting very easy. I'm not a professional but when you're at home doing your own chopping and cutting you want something that handles well. The weight is good and it just makes the food prep easier. Thank you