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The Kyoto Samurai Series is the premium offering of our elite culinary implements–on the cusp of elegance and excellence.

The Samurai Series blade is precision forged using a single piece of 66-layered Damascus high-carbon stainless steel cladding, with an ultra-premium Japanese VG-10 steel cutting core. Liquid nitrogen is employed to achieve precise cryogenic tempering which increases the steel’s crystalline structure, enhancing, strength, flexibility and hardness.

DAMASCUS STEEL: Forged from professional-grade Japanese VG-10 steel fused with high-carbon SUS410 stainless steel folded over repeatedly, hand-polished by veteran craftsmen employing the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method that results in a razor-sharp blade at an unprecedented 8-12° angle allowing for a smooth-as-silk cut.

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LIFETIME WARRANTY: We stand behind our products and will fully refund any purchase price.

HANDLE: Made with professional grade G-10 Garolite that is hand-polished to a lovely patina.

FULL TANG: For superb robustness & quality

JAPANESE STEEL: Professional grade Japanese blade composed of VG-10 steel with 66 layers of high carbon steel providing unfailing strength and durability.

RAZOR SHARP: Each handcrafted knife has an 8 to 12° blade angle for the utmost sharpness and responsiveness.

SHEATH: Premium polymer ensures full-blade protection and longevity.

KYOTO KNIVES: Much more than a mere knife, it is a precision cutting instrument. Treat the blade well and it will reward you with a lifetime of service.

What Sets Kyoto Knives Apart From The Rest?

Japanese Steel

Precision forged blade with an ultra-premium Japanese VG-10 ‘super steel’ cutting core at 62+ Rockwell hardness for unrivaled performance and incredible edge retention.

Razor Sharp

Ruthlessly sharp scalpel like edge is hand finished to mirror polish within a staggering 8 to 12 degree angle per side using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method.

Full Tang

Full tang for superb heftiness and quality. It allows a more balance knife handling that allows for efficient cutting.


Meticulously constructed ultra-premium G-10 Garolite handle. Highly impervious to heat, cold and moisture with military grade strength and life-long durability.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products and will fully refund any purchase price.

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What People Say

By far one of the most beautiful knives in my collection.

By far one of the most beautiful knives in my collection. Blade and Balance are amassing along with superior performance in the kitchen. I have had this knife now for three days. I have butchered 150# of Whole chickens, 200# of beef tenderloin, 100# of French Lamb Chops, endless Vegetable Prep, and countless Whole Salmon. This Knife was just amazing. When you first receive this knife you are somewhat nervous to get it dirty because it is just that beautiful but when you do get it dirty you just cant see it not being used on a daily basis. By far this has just became my go to knife. I am going to retire my 9.5" Classic Henckel. Thank you Kyoto for developing such a masterpiece. The longer I use this knife the more I will follow up with its performance.

I love like this knife

I've had the knife for a couple weeks now and have been quite impressed! Knife comes nicely packaged with a saya to safely protect the edge. Straight out of the box the knife was razor sharp, well balanced and the handle felt very comfortable. After a couple weeks of general mise en place use the blade has held up considerably well without any sharpening. Definitely an awesome purchase!

The Best Knife I've ever had!

I am very happy with the knife.  I don’t do a lot of cooking, but I do appreciate a nice sharp nice when I am doing prep work.  The knife is well balanced and I like the feel of the handle. 

Great Knife

Awesome knife. I have own a whole lot more expensive knives than this one is awesome for chopping and cutting very easy. I'm not a professional but when you're at home doing your own chopping and cutting you want something that handles well. The weight is good and it just makes the food prep easier. Thank you 


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Modern design and exceptional materials make this one unbelievable blade.